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Dr. Yu“Once I experienced how much looking better affected a person’s overall wellbeing, I realized I was helping my patients ‘heal’ in a truly unique way. To be able to look at someone’s face and understand how he or she is uncomfortable with how they look—knowing that you can help change all that is pretty amazing.”
– Dr. Yu

Whether you have a specific area to correct, or are simply looking to renew and refresh your appearance, Dr. Yu has the experience to help you achieve your goal.

Board Certified Neurologist
Has treated OVER 1,000 patients.
Rush University Rush Medical College

“Specializing in this type of medicine allows me to develop a unique relationship with my patients – a bond that goes beyond just treating illnesses. I love making people feel better, and being able to help others feel better about the way they look has a giant impact on every aspect of their daily lives.”
– Dr. Yu